About Us

At GNV Enterprises, we believe that there is always a better way of doing things. We are passionate about our work and strive to help our Customers find the best fit solutions for their operations. GNV Enterprises focuses on Innovation and Technology and are doing development in Industry 4.0. We have experience in Robotics, AI, and Autonomous vehicles.

We have global partners that are innovative and through continuous Research & Development we aim to provide the best possible solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. We have access to various fields of expertise and skills and the synergies of work from this allows our customers to benefit from recommendations and informed advice.

We offer the choice of the best proven technologies and work with Customers to optimise the efficiency of their equipment. We also assist Customers to extend the working life of their existing equipment determined by performance audits carried out by our highly qualified personnel. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and we remain fully dedicated to bringing cost effective, simple, workable solutions to all our Customers.


We provide our Customers and Partners sustainable value creation based on honesty and integrity. GNV Enterprises strives in every aspect of our business to ensure that Our Customers are satisfied with what we provide and the way we deliver this. It is important that every equipment, spare part, or service provided is done safely and responsibly, with regard to People and the Environment.

Industries We Serve

  • Aluminium
    • Primary smelter
    • Secondary smelter
  • Mining
    • Potash
    • Limestone
    • Minerals
  • Foundries – Non-Ferrous
  • Wood Industry
    • Wood fibre
    • Pulp and Paper
  • Agriculture
    • Grain
    • Soybean / Cocoa bean
    • Sugar
    • Animal Feed
    • Nuts
    • Canola 
  • Chemicals and Liquid
    • Boric Acid
    • Water