RTX360 Round Screener

RTX360 Round Screener - Expertise in a Compact and Economical Design 

The RTX360 Screener delivers the essential qualities synonymous with Rotex Group whilst embracing vibratory motion within a compact footprint, to deliver highly competitive solutions. 

Features include:

  • Customizable option - adapt to your specific application by locating the outlet position, installing de-blinding components, and adding more decks as required. 
  • Compact design - the small footprint of the RTX360 Screener allows for a minimal floor space requirement and facilitates a quick and easy installation process. 
  • Accessible drive - the positioning of the drive ensures it is easily accessible, in addition, toolless adjustability allows you to easily optimize and tailor the screening motion to your application. 
  • Quick-release clamping - the option of quick-release clamp rings allows for more streamlined frame removal and faster screen changes when compared to the standard tooled clamp rings.


  • Low prices and quicker lead time
  • Optimum Performance - The adjustable nature of the RTX360 allows for greater screening performance which results in higher efficiency. 
  • Quick Screen Changes - Pre-tensioned panels allow 1-2 operators to change the entire machine within minutes. 
  • Increased Performance and Expertise  - Rotex Group’s expertise and product line options deliver greater efficiencies and solutions for any screening requirements. 
  • Longevity and Durability - Designed for long-term, trouble-free service with minimal maintenance required.

Vibratory Motion

The RTX360 Circular Vibratory Screener is capable of moving the product in all the motions depicted below. The motor consists of two weighted shafts, the bottom shaft leads the top, the angle of which is dependent on the setting. Each motion has a specific purpose depending on the screening requirements of your product. The vibratory motion utilized by the RTX360 Circular Screener exerts a G Load which binds the product to the screen. Request free materials testing today!

Our products are the result of decades of lab testing and field experience. We will collaborate with you to customize your machine for your exact process, separation needs, and longevity requirements.